Posted on Oct 17, 2018

Colley Insurance

Legalization of recreational cannabis & how it affects your insurance...
Effective October 17, 2018, the Government of Canada is legalizing the recreational use of cannabis (marijuana) under the Cannabis Act, subject to regulations established by each Canadian province and territory. The following information outlines how your home or auto insurance may be impacted. Home Insurance - Most insurance companies will not insure risks that are currently identified or have been identified in the past as criminal drug production operations, including illegal grow-ops or those used for the manufacturing of illegal drugs. They also will not insure any person in the household with a conviction or pending charges for drug trafficking or drug production, threats of violence or crimes of dishonesty (theft, fraud, etc.). Some insurance companies require us to advise them of any location where cannabis is grown for recreational or medical use. Auto insurance - Drug-impaired driving
In other jurisdictions, the legalization of recreational cannabis resulted in an increase of motor vehicle accidents from drug-impaired driving. The Canadian Criminal Code has been revised to allow roadside testing for drug concentrations. There are specific offences for exceeding limits of drug concentration or exceeding limits of a combination of alcohol and drug concentration. A conviction for drug-impaired driving is comparable to a conviction for alcohol impaired driving.
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